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Heritage Gun Restoration Report No. 28

Report no 28 by the heritage Gun Restoration Committee of the Gunners' Association of South Africa.

Gunners’ Memorial Remembrance Service 2023

The 13 Pdr Gun at the Memorial Site.

Maintaining our Traditions

maintaining of traditions is important for any organisation.

Gunners’ Memorial Service 2023

The National Gunners’ Memorial Service will take place at the National Memorial Site in Potchefstroom on Sunday 07th...

Heritage Gun Restoration Report No 27.


The Gunners’ Association Vereeniging Branch – Annual General Meeting

Vereeniging 18 March 2023 The Vereeniging Branch of the Gunners’ Association celebrated 10 years since the...

Gun Spotting on the East Rand

Article about the restoration of guns by the East Rand branch of the Gunners' Association.

Artillery Club House Refurbishment

Combat Training Centre, Lohatla, Northern Cape. The SA Army Artillery Formation is currently refurbishing...

Gunners’ Association Branch Insignia

Friday 03 March Gunner Roy Andersen, the National President of the Gunners' Association unveiled a resin Branch badge.

Air Defence Artillery Formation Excellence Awards 2022