Iwombe Anti-Aircraft Regiment

Iwombe Anti-Aircraft Regiment





Previously known as “die Rotte” from ROT, which was the official abbreviation of the Regiment’s name, it was established” with effect from 1 October 1964.

The first commanding officer was obliged to make his home available as headquarters until suitable office space became available in the Magistrate’s Court complex in Brakpan in 1968.

It was originally determined that the unit be equipped with 35mm Oerlikon but by December 1964 it had been decided that ROT and RVR would become Bofors/Oerlikon regiments, comprising an RHQ for a Bofors regiment, two 40 mm Bofors batteries and a 35mm Oerlikon battery.

By the beginning of 1975 the Headquarters had moved to Benoni, also on the East Rand, where a disused mine compound was made available and converted into a well-built ten-roomed regimental headquarters.

Much hard work by members of the Regiment, with the financial assistance of the local City Council, had made it so. Renamed Apex Military Base, it was opened officially by Lt Gen Geldenhuys in 1976.

The Regiment supplied “R” Battery for service in Operation Savannah in January/March 1976 while P Battery served in the same border area from March to May. It formed part of a reaction force in 1980 and in 1983 members of the unit were involved in a number of operations.

By 1977 it had been organised as a 20mm regiment, with six batteries each of 18 guns.

The Freedom of Brakpan was granted to the Regiment on 14 April 1984.

ROT is currently equipped with the OQF 35mm MKV gun.