Civic Award – Certificate of Recognition

Award to Gunner Kevin Ashton by Ian McMahon (12 December 2023)

I was delighted to present a sub Council Civic Award this morning to Kevin Ashton

Kevin made a successful career in the garment industry. While at the same time being a Exco Member of the South African Legion Cape Town Branch. He is currently National Chairman of the Gunners Association South Africa and Chairman of the Western Province Branch. Kevin is the Executive Director of The Cape Town International Tattoo NPC, with aims to bring back the wonderful Military Tattoo to Cape Town in 2025!

It is his work ethic and volunteerism in these spaces that Kevin shows much in the memorialisation and memorial events in the City of Cape Town. From the annual Remembrance Day to the other wreath laying ceremonies all expertly managed by him, in memory of those fallen in the past wars. Kevin has a hand in the Commonwealth War Graves memorial currently being planned.

Kevin also works hard to fundraise and assist in the upkeep of many war-based memorials, statues and Cenotaph in the City of Cape Town and it is for these many years of altruism, and of honouring others that today I’m honoured to award Kevin this recognition.

From one gunner to another, I was very proud to nominate Kevin for this award today.