Gunners’ Memorial Clean-Up in Potchefstroom Strengthens Bonds and Remembrance

In a display of camaraderie and reverence, members of the Gunners community and dedicated
volunteers gathered on April 20, 2024, in Potchefstroom for the annual Gunners’ Memorial clean-up.
The event, held in preparation for the upcoming Gunners’ Memorial on May 5th, was a heartfelt
tribute to those who have served and sacrificed.
To ensure the grounds were pristine and respectable for the impending memorial, Gunners from
various branches, along with volunteers, dedicated their time and effort to clean up the area.
Throughout the day, participants worked tirelessly to tidy the grounds and remove any debris,
paying special attention to the ordinance, symbols of both remembrance and the military heritage
that binds them together.

The sense of unity and purpose was noted as Gunners and volunteers worked side by side, sharing
stories, memories, and laughter amidst the task at hand. Their efforts not only restored the physical
beauty of the memorial grounds but also strengthened the bonds within the Gunners community
and fostered a spirit of collaboration and respect.

After a day of hard work, the participants gathered at the Rotary Club in Potchefstroom to unwind
and reflect on the day’s activities. Over a Boerie Roll and Beer, they continued to share stories and
camaraderie, further solidifying the sense of kinship that defines the Gunners community.
As the clean-up drew to a close, the participants left with a profound sense of accomplishment and

Looking ahead to the Gunners’ Memorial on May 5th, the clean-up not only prepared the grounds
but also set the tone for a solemn and dignified commemoration of those who have served and
sacrificed. It is a time to pause, reflect, and pay tribute to the brave men and women who have
made the ultimate sacrifice in defence of their country.