Gunners’ Memorial Remembrance Service 2023

Sunday 07th May 2023

by Gunner T. Taute

We had the privilege of attending the recent 71st Gunners Memorial at Potchefstroom on Sunday 7 May 2023. The event was very well attended with representatives across the different functions within the Military Services and several dignitaries shared the experience with us.

The day was eventful and the following should be mentioned that stood out specifically, the Piper made an excellent appearance during the wreath laying ceremony, the last post and reveille played by members from the Band was inspiring. It was also great to note the enthusiasm of the troops on parade and their pride in being part of such an auspicious occasion was seen and felt by all who attended.

Following the memorial service, the Gunner Wynter Prevost Memorial wall was unveiled by his son and daughter.

The Memorial wall itself was inaugurated by Maj Gen (Ret.) R. C. Andersen CSSA SD SM MMM JCD The rest of the day was spent taking pictures and spending time with the troops and other attendees during well deserved meal and drinks served at the service.

The Gunners Association Johannesburg Branch would like to thank everyone who was involved in making this day a reality and for the painstaking care taken to ensure that everything flowed well, from seating arrangements to the wreath laying ceremony.

We appreciate the effort that goes into the planning of such and event. Looking forward to the next one planned for the coming year. May we all be privileged to attend once again.


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