In 2018 an appeal was made to Gunners to make a donation towards the National Memorial in Potchefstroom. This resulted in donations totaling R32 440.70.

Since then, the following progress has been made:

  • The post 1961 names of deceased Gunners have been updated and all such names re-inscribed on the Memorial.
  • The last two guns have been resprayed. (This was funded by private donations).
  • A flower bed has been paved to provide easier access for the VIP spectators at Memorial Services.
  • The sprinkler system has been repaired and extended.
  • The white ropes on the recuperators of the three guns around the Memorial have been replaced.
  • The headlights on the Sexton have been replaced.
  • The gold lettering on the North side of the Memorial has been refurbished.

In addition to the above, the City Council has repaired the water and sewerage leaks to the South of the Memorial.

The Gunners’ Memorial Trust will continue with ongoing maintenance of the Memorial and gardens. In addition, the following projects are underway:

  • Ensuring all the guns are fitted with tampions.
  • Placing of the Gunners’ Association and the two Formation badges on the eastern side of the wall on which wreaths are held before they are laid.

The initial funds raised in 2018 have been depleted. All Gunners, especially those have not yet made a contribution, are therefore requested to make a donation to:

Gunners’ Association
First National Bank
Branch Code: 252242
Account No: 50400012329
Reference: Name & initials

Your support in maintaining the Memorial in excellent condition is much appreciated.

Gnr N Wiid
National Chairman
Gunners’ Association

Gnr RC Andersen
Gunners’ Memorial Trust