Gunners remember a son of South Africa : L Cpl Job Maseko MM

Article by Gunner Trevor Taute

Springs, Saturday 16th September 2023


Photo of the memorial headstone.

On Saturday, the 16th September 2023, the community of Springs came together to honour and remember a true hero, Lance Corporal Job Maseko MM, a courageous Son of South Africa. The occasion was marked by a heartfelt Memorial Service held at “The Mine, Military Museum” in Springs, a site which is under development and is intended to serve as a reminder of South Africa’s rich military history and the contribution of the citizens of Springs.

The Memorial Service was attended by the remaining members of his family, who played a central role in unveiling the Job Maseko MM Memorial Stone, a touching symbol of his bravery and sacrifice. The memorial stone was generously donated by Thsipi Noto Funerals, showcasing the unity and support within the community to preserve and honour the memory of this remarkable war hero.

Eighty-one years had passed since his heroic act where he single-handedly destroyed a German Freighter during World War II. The significance of this event was palpable during the unveiling, with the presence of officers from the Job Maseko Regiment, formerly known as the Northern Transvaal Regiment, paying homage to his legacy.

Read more about him here: Job Maseko MM Wikipedia.

Several Gunners from the Gunners’ Association of South Africa, including esteemed figures like Lt Gen J. Mbuli (Ret) and Maj Gen R. C. Andersen (Ret), graced the occasion, emphasizing the collective respect and remembrance of his gallant act.

Following the unveiling, wreaths were tenderly laid at the memorial site, a gesture signifying appreciation and honour. Wreaths were laid by Ms. Jennifer Maaba and Ms. Patience Nkosi who are nieces of Job Maseko, Mr. Tony Da Cruz the CEO of the Mine Military Museum and the Officer Commanding of Job Maseko Regiment Lt Col S. Lekgau. Gen Andersen laid a wreath on behalf of the Gunners’ Association and MOTH Peter Boberg laid a wreath on behalf of MOTHs.


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