Heritage Gun Restoration

The Gunners’ Association has a specially appointed committee to look into the restoration of hundreds of old guns, cannons and other Artillery related heritage items that are dotted around South Africa as gate guards, monuments and display pieces.

Members at the Artillery plinth in the Garden of Remembrance in Barberton
Members restored two vandalised graves in the Brixton, Johannesburg Cemetery.

The aims of this committee is to assist with the restoration of ordnance that is located in South Africa by either spearheading the projects, assisting with technical advice and direction, and raising funds to assist with valid restoration projects in South Africa.

The BL 6″ 26cwt Howitzer at the Johannesburg Zoo was restored by the Association.

The committee successfully assists the Gunners’ Association memorial Trust to maintain and look after the ordnance on the National Memorial Site in Potchesftroom.

Please contact us should you wish to check whether your gun is listed on our register, and to seek advice or assistance with your restoration project. We welcome any enquiries and requests for assistance and we will gladly assist.

Report on previous restoration projects undertaken to date.