Founding Statement

Established on 2 July 1943

The Founding Statement of the Gunners’ Association of South Africa declares:

“It is the mission of The Gunners’ Association to promote fellowship and camaraderie amongst Gunners, (field or anti-aircraft, serving or retired), to promote Gunner traditions, and to provide welfare and educational support to Gunners and their families.”

Mission Statement

The mission of the Gunners’ Association is to promote fellowships and camaraderie amongst all Gunners, whether from the Field Artillery, Air Defence Artillery, Anti-Tank Artillery, whether serving or retired; to promote Gunner Traditions and preserve Gunner Heritage, and to provide welfare and educational support to Gunners and their immediate families.


The main objectives of the Gunners’ Association are to:

  1. Maintain an association of those persons who are or become members of the Association;
  2. Actively encourage Gunners to become members of the Association and partake in its activities in order to ensure the continuity of the Association;
  3. Encourage the continuation of the traditions and to foster the heritage of Gunners;
  4. Assist members in obtaining any right or privilege to which they are or should be entitled by reason of the member’s military service;
  5. Assist members in obtaining employment wherever possible;
  6. Sponsor and assist the formation of Branches in suitable centres under the auspices of the Association;
  7. Affiliate with any organisation having objects similar in part, or in whole, to those of the Association, and whether within or outside the Republic of South Africa;
  8. Render support to members and their dependents.