In 2002 the Late Gunner Ken Gillings in collaboration with the Durban Branch of the Gunners Association commenced a project to restore the two former Natal Field Artillery Guns which had fired a salute at the coronation of the Zulu King Ceteshwayo KaMpande in 1873.

These historic guns were subjected to the elements and had deteriorated over many years.

In 2004, the Durban Branch of the Gunners’ Association and the KwaZulu-Natal Branch of the South African Military History Society embarked upon a fundraising drive to restore them.

On Saturday 4th September 2004, members of the Natal Field Artillery, who were practising for the Annual Gunners’ Memorial Service here in the grounds of the Old Fort, lifted them from their repository and carried them to the entrance, where they were loaded  and transported to Pietermaritzburg, where they were restored by Mr. Rob Scott of the Provincial Museum Service. Rob is a former member of the NFA.

The restoration process took many years and when it was finally completed, the guns were returned here to the Old Fort precinct on Wednesday 5 December 2018.

It is very sad that Ken is no longer with us to witness the fruits of his hard work.