Remembrance Service at Springs MOTH Memorial

By Gunner Trevor Taute

Sunday 17th October 2023, Springs

Members of the Johannesburg Branch of the Gunners’ Association attended a parade in Springs at the recently upgraded MOTH Memorial site.

The Moth Memorial in Springs is a testament to the enduring legacy of those who have fought for their country, serving as a reminder of the importance of courage, sacrifice, and unity in the face of adversity.

This site has a rich history. The MOTH (Memorable Order of Tin Hats) Memorial in Olympia Park, Springs was built in 1947 after WW2 under the direction of the Springs Mudhook Dugout. It forms part of a large Garden of Remembrance. In recent years the memorial site fell into disrepair. A local business, The Savvy Brokers, took the initiative by being the principal sponsor in the monument restoration and to restore the site to its original grandeur.

Historical photo of the Memorial site 

Photo of the site as it fell into disrepair.

Read more about this here:

Photo of the Memorial after being restored by the participating sponsors and key role players.

Read more about the restoration here:

Those of us who participated in the events on Sunday were conscious of the fact that in providing this beautiful memorial to the fallen is a great gesture and we are humbled by it.

The parade was well attended by members of the MOTH and MOTHWA with some additional participants from the Navy Cadets who did their organisation proud by being Sentries around the newly erected Cenotaph, Flag Bearers, and a Gun Crew.

Dignitaries in attendance were Lt Gen J. Mbuli (Ret), Maj Gen R. C. Andersen (Ret) and the National Vice President of the Gunners Association Gunner Wolf Wassermeier. A representative of the Gunners Association Johannesburg Branch, Gunner Trevor Taute, laid a wreath. MOTH Leon Nel laid a wreath on behalf of Steel Helmet Shell Hole. Various other wreaths were laid by members from the sponsoring teams and other Associations. The marching squad was made up mainly of MOTH members with one or two other Associations present. They were brought onto parade by the Parade Sgt. Major (MOTH Sgt. Major Bobby Marks). We were also very fortunate to have the Springs Boys Brass Band present who played a melody of different songs during the duration of the parade.

Great day out in remembrance of the fallen. Despite the inclement weather, everyone enjoyed the parade which was very well planned and accomplished by MWO Errol Britz (Ret) as well as the Director of the project, Mr. Tony De Cruz.


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