South African Military History Museum Clean up day

20 January 2024

On January 20th, the Johannesburg Branch of the Gunners’ Association, along with military members
and public volunteers, embarked on a mission to clean the outside exhibits South African National
Museum of Military History. The day began at 9:00 am at the Ditsong Museum of Military History,
where the 92 attendees exchanged greetings and compliments for the new year. Beverages were
served, and participants socialized while signing the attendance registers.
The event was initiated by Gunner Roy Andersen, the National President of the Gunners’
Association, who welcomed everyone and introduced Mrs. Tintia, the CEO of all Ditsong Museums
across South Africa. Sergeant Major Brits, who is credited with playing a major role in developing the
Mine and Military Museum based in Springs, was also introduced, along with the 21 Battalion
Military Veterans and all the Museum’s trustees.

Gunner Roy Andersen expressed gratitude for the generous donation of cleaning supplies,
nicknamed “The Pink Stuff,” and addressed safety concerns regarding the use of water and
electricity. He also emphasized the importance of caution while cleaning the high exhibits to avoid

The Museum members then expressed their appreciation for the Veterans and the role they play in
supporting museums. Lebo, the Marketing Manager of Ditsong, Captain, Anzal, and Allan Sinclair,
the Director of the Ditsong Museum of Military History, were introduced. The significance of
receiving the New SANDF Insignia Collection for the first time was also acknowledged.
After the introductions, the volunteers immediately started cleaning the exhibits with dedication.
Children enthusiastically grabbed mops and began cleaning the tanks, while other members
gathered buckets of water and utilized “The Pink Stuff” to ensure the exhibits were spotless.
By 11:00 am, all the exhibits were thoroughly cleaned and ready for public presentation. The
Gunners then dedicated their efforts to filling sandbags for the museum, strategically placing them
around the 140 mm Breach Loading Mark III Gun GV2 to replicate how it would have been
positioned in the field during combat.

At 1:00 pm, the volunteers had successfully completed their mission, packed up, and exchanged
farewells with all those involved. They then went to the Steel Helmet Shellhole for refreshments.
The Ditsong Museum for Military History now stands in excellent condition for all visitors from the
public until the next cleanup day.