South African Veteran Finds Camaraderie in France: Embracing BrotherhoodAbroad

In the heart of France, Le Mans a South African veteran and member of the
Gunners’ Association South Africa, Hennie Pelser finds himself enveloped in the
warmth of camaraderie once more. With a heart tethered to his homeland and a
spirit eager for new connections, his recent rendezvous with the “Union Nationale
des Combattants” (UNC) unveiled a tapestry of shared experiences and mutual

Over the weekend, amidst the picturesque landscapes of France, our intrepid
veteran and his wife attended a lunch hosted by the UNC. Clad in the distinguished
attire of the Gunner’s Association, he entered the gathering, unsure of the occasion’s
formality. To his amusement, he found a gathering adorned in casual attire, proving
that bonds of fellowship transcend the barriers of dress codes.
Warmly embraced by both gentlemen and ladies alike, our protagonist soon found
himself not just a guest but an esteemed invitee to join the UNC. The essence of
membership, he discovered, lay not in stringent requirements but in the simple act of
attendance, echoing the ethos of fostering brotherhood in arms, a sentiment dear to
his heart.

With grace and dignity, our veteran represented the Gunner’s Association, leaving an
indelible impression on his newfound comrades. Their admiration for his attire and
headgear, steeped in tradition and history, mirrored his own reverence for their
culture and customs.

In the spirit of unity and shared purpose, he eagerly anticipates further
engagements, parades, and interactions, each moment an opportunity to strengthen
ties that transcend borders and language barriers.
The UNC, steeped in the legacy of the First World War, stands as a testament to the
enduring bond forged by those who have borne the arms of France. For our South
African veteran, it offers not just a glimpse into French military tradition but a
sanctuary where the echoes of shared sacrifice resonate, bridging continents and

As he navigates this new chapter of his journey, our veteran remains a beacon of
friendship and goodwill, a living testament to the power of camaraderie to transcend
boundaries and unite hearts across the globe.

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