The Gunners’ Association Vereeniging Branch – Annual General Meeting


18 March 2023

The Vereeniging Branch of the Gunners’ Association celebrated 10 years since the branch was reactivated in 2013. The branch was initially established in the 1960’s but was dissolved in the 1980s and through the efforts of Gunner Wolf Wassermeier it was resuscitated in 2013.

In his Chairman’s report back Gunner Wolf Wassermeier gave a short retrospect on the challenges and highlights of the past 10 years.

He also gave recognition to the keynote speakers over the years as well as the branch’s honorary members: Gunners Piet Langenhoven, Lourens Human, Sam Roets, Blackie Swartz.

He also made mentioned of Gunners Danie Muller, Pierre Viljoen and Lawrie Poorter all honorary members, all of whom had recently passed away.

He made mention of a very important aspect about camaraderie and it is clear that this branch was built on friendship. To illustrate this, he mentioned that he and Gunners Jan Cronje, Steve le Roux and Corrie Botha have been friends since basic training in 1963. 

Gunner Wolf also gave recognition to the current branch committee and especially to the Creative Talents team who supported the Branch over the past 10 years. He handed over commendation certificates to Gunners Yolindi Stander and Pieter Smith in recognition for the contributions and for their support.

Gunner Roy Andersen gave the members present an update on the progress and status of the Heritage Gun Restoration Project and the feedback was well received.

Gunner Roy Andersen officiated in the ceremony of the handing over of chairmanship of the branch, where Gunner Wolf Wassermeir handed over the Chairmanship of the Vereeniging Branch to Gunner Renier Henning and wished him all of the best in the new role.

After all the proceedings had been concluded the gunners were spoiled with mouthwatering food and drinks by the Creative Talents team.

Gunner Renier Henning

Branch Chairman

Gunners’ Association: Vereeniging Branch