1. The following heritage guns were recovered, restored for display purposes and
    moved to Springs Mine and Military Museum during the period 31 March 2023 and 29
    February 2024.
  2. One 3,7In Mountain Howitzer was recovered and was loaned to Springs War
    Memorial to complete the restoration of the War Memorial to its former glory. This
    restoration was completed by J.R. MacKay’s Engineering the custodians of the Springs
    War Memorial.
  3. The other guns were restored by other local Corporate Sponsors.
  4. The East Rand Gunners’ Association and Prosafe repainted the balance of the
    restored guns.
  5. In some instances, young engineering apprentices were utilized to manufacture
    spares to restore the one 3,7in AA QF Gun.

GUN 6466 German 7.7cm Howitzer “Scrappy

15 March 2023

19 May 2023 Gun Placed at MMM

Total restoration period 64 days includes Manufacturing of wheels, hubs inner and outer. Sand
blasting , Lazar Cleaning and panel beating .

Gun 8159 Vickers 3,7in QF Heavy AA GUN

Undercoat been applied after Sandblasting. Gunners Sean Byrne and DeWalt Nienaber

17 May 2023

Brass Recoil Cylinder Caps R 35 000-00
16 June 2023 Restoration time 30 days

2 in Naval Gun No AD 144

19 May 2023 Gun AD 144 Loaded with Gun 8159 and moved to MMM With Steward 3 Tank

16 June 2023 Gun Sand Blasted and Repainted. Restoration Period 27 Days

4 in Naval Gun 1918 No 1650

Resprayed August 2023 after relocation to MMM

3.7 in Mountain Howitzer ex Springs Boys High

24 August Loaded at Springs Boys High School.
Total refurbishment in JR Mackays Work shop. New Rims manufactured and Tyres. Brass work cleaned and polished. Spares manufactured. Plinth built. Placed at Springs War Memorial 17 Oct 2023
Total refurbishment days 54 days
Cost R 115 000.00

Vickers 3,7in QF Heavy AA Gun no

Collected 24 August 2023 from SBHS

Refurbishment 10 October 2023. New Tyres fitted , Sandblasted and resprayed
Refurbishment period 47 days.

10,5” le FH 98 Howitzer Germany

18 December 2023 loaded at Joubert Park Johannesburg

Remove Wheels to inspect and access damage for refurbishment purposes.
Grease on axels still in good condition. No rust damage on axles.
The Metal tyres are pitted with Rust but still in good condition.
Wheel hubs still in serviceable condition. Damaged spokes require replacement.

22 December 2023

12 January 2024 Gun was Sandblasted to remove old paint. Fine sand used to prevent damage
to the barrel engraving.