2Lt Hermanus Van Niekerk HCS, 14 Field Regiment SAA,

One of the objectives of the Gunners’ Association is to “Encourage the continuation of the traditions and to foster the heritage of Gunners.”

We are starting a monthly post on Gunner Recipients of Medals and Decorations of Valour. The first recipient is

2Lt Hermanus Van Niekerk HCS, 14 Field Regiment SAA.

2Lt Herman Van Niekerk HCS

Medal Awarded:  Honoris Crux Silver:

Date of Action: 23 November 1975

Second Lieutenant Herman van Niekerk was awarded the Honoris Crux (Silver) for his actions and bravery on 23 November 1975 during the battle of Ebo in Operation Savannah, when he continued recovery of casualties from the battlefield while under fire, despite having being wounded in the neck, arms and legs by shrapnel himself.

Source: Images and content courtesy of War in Angola webpage, www.warinangola.com