At the Gunners’ Association of South Africa Board of Trustees AGM held on the 1st of December 2018, the Chairman Gnr Dominic Hoole stepped down as National Chairman after 6 years at the helm.

Gnr Niel Wiid was elected as the new National Chairman.

Niel Served from 1974 to 1975 as a National Serviceman and was part of the first intake to 14 Field Regiment 2, Medium battery, based in Potchefstroom. After National Service he was posted to 7 Medium Regt based in Benoni from 1976 to 1989 where he served as BPO of 72 Battery and treasurer of the officer’s club.

During this time there were 9 call ups for border duty which included 2 major operations. A further 2 call ups for internal duties ended 15 years of service.

Niel also served as Deputy Chairman National and branch Chairman of Johannesburg for over 5 years.