Article and Photographs by: Maj Gen R.C. Andersen

The Gunners’ Association of South Africa is presenting pens to Gunners, both Regular and Reserve Force, currently deployed in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), on the borders and within South Africa. The aim of this initiative is to thank and show solidarity with Gunners from the Artillery Formation and the Air Defence Artillery (ADA) Formation, participating in Operations MISTRAL, CORONA AND NOTLELA.

The first pen was presented to Chief of Joint Operations, Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) Rudzani Maphwanya by Chief Defence Reserves, Major General (Maj Gen) Roy Andersen on behalf of the National Chairman, Gunner (Gnr) Niel Wiid.

Gnr Wiid stated “we are very proud of the role being played by the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and by our fellow Gunners in particular. The Gunners’ Association will continue to support all serving Gunners and this pen is a small token of appreciation”.

Chief Defence Reserves, Maj Gen R.C. Andersen and Chief of Joint Operations Lt Gen R. Maphwanya acknowledging one another
Gunner Niel Wiid, National Chairman of the Gunners’ Association








Gnr (Lt Col) Tiaan Steyn handing over the parcel containing the pens to be flown to the Gunners in the DRC
The presented pen







Gunners in the DRC received the pens