Gunners deployed on Zimbabwe border confiscate contraband cigarettes

Joint Tactical HQ Limpopo, Wednesday 22 December 2021,
Members of 4 Artillery Regiment confiscated close to one and a half million Rands worth of illicit cigarettes and dagga. Dagga is not commonly confiscated along with the South Africa and Zimbabwe border.
The border was busy, from Swartwater through Pontdrift, Musina up to Madimbo.
  • In Swartwater, the gunners confiscated marijuana valued at R33 750.00 and also arrested one suspect who was handed over to the South African Police Service at Groblersbridge Port of Entry.
  • At Pontdrift, the gunners confiscated illicit cigarettes valued at R374 719.00.
  • At Dongola Ranch, R267 789.00 worth of illicit cigarettes were confiscated
  • At weighbridge in Musina, R613 962.00 worth of illicit cigarettes were confiscated.
  • At Male Village, R26 430.00 worth of illicit cigarettes were confiscated.
  • At Neltox Farm in the Madimbo area, R160 578.00 worth of illicit cigarettes were confiscated.
  • In all incidents where cigarettes were confiscated, there were no arrests made, the smugglers abandoned their contraband and fled.
The total value of all the confiscation was R1, 477 228.00.
Information by Captain Moses Semono and Photographs by Captain Kutumela || Joint Tactical Headquarters Limpopo.