On 3 October, some 25 Gunners from the East Rand, Pretoria, Vereeniging, Johannesburg and Potchefstroom branches of the Gunners’ Association descended on the National Gunners’  Memorial in Potchefstroom. They were ably supported by the Bloem family as well as eager and well disciplined members of iWombe Anti-Aircraft Regiment.

The team, lead by National Chairman Gnr Niel Wiid,  donned their masks and set about cleaning the Memorial, the “dwarf” walls, lectern, signboards, and all the guns.   Although the grass was neatly cut by the garden service, 6 black plastic bags of weeds and a limited amount of litter were removed.    Gnr Diederiks of Sandfontein Artillery Regiment identified the source of a water leak which will be repaired in the following week.

A very successful day was rounded off by a braai arranged on a local farm by  Gnr Dirk Bloem.