Air Defence Artillery Week of Excellence

Kimberley 09th December 2021

Deputy National President, Gunner Wolf Wassermeier JCD attended the Annual Air Defence Artillery Gunners’ Memorial Parade held at 10 Anti-Aircraft Regiment in Kimberley. He was accompanied by Gunner Pieter Myburgh JCD of the Vereeniging Branch.

Gunners Wassermeier and Myburgh in attendance at the ADA Fmn Gunners Memorial.
Air Defence Artillery gunners from the different ranks assembled in front of the Skinny Liz which is a gun that serves as a focus for the memory or the commemoration of all the gunners who have passed on over the years. It is during this parade that Gunners, family members of the gunners who have passed during this particular year and other invited guests are afforded an opportunity for each of them to lay a wreath under the Skinny Liz in remembrance.

Gunner Wassermeier laid a wreath on behalf of the Gunners Association at the “Skinny Liz” Memorial at 10 Anti-Aircraft Regiment.

Gunner Wassermeier lays a wreath at the memorial.

Thereafter he attended the Air Defence Artillery Formation Tiddler in the Officer’s Mess at 10 Anti-Aircraft Regiment.

This year it was combined with an annual rewards ceremony, where gunners from all around the country are invited and celebrated for their achievements during the year.

Annually the Gunners’ Association sponsors two prizes at this awards ceremony. These prizes are awarded to the Air Defence Artillery Formation Best Officer and Best Non- Commissioned Officer.

The recipients of these awards for 2021 were:

Best Officer: Lt L.N. Narrainsamy from 10 Anit-Aircraft Regiment and the award was accepted by Lt Col Ketsikile the OC of 10 Anit-Aircraft Regiment.

Gunner Wolf Wassermeier, Deputy National President, Gunners’ Association issued an Award and gift to Officer Commanding 10 Anti Aircraft Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Ketsekile.
Col A. Kleinjan accepts the award for best NCO on behalf of Sgt S.T. Masemola from Gunner Wolf Wassermeier.

Best Non-Commissioned Officer: Sgt S.T. Masemola from the Air Defence Artillery School and the award was accepted by Colonel A. Kleinjan the OC of Air Defence Artillery School.

The General Officer Commanding of the SA Army Air Defence Artillery Formation Brig Gen Leon Puckree acknowledged and gave recognition to the members of the ADA Corps and Support members for their contribution and excellent service during of this year.

He concluded the evening by thanking all members who were in attendance and who had travelled far to attend the Air Defence Artillery Formation Week of Excellence.